ictoria Hilinich (維麗亞, Wei Liya, Viktoriia Khilinich)

  • Master by International Feng Shui Association, Singapore (IFSA)
  • Director of the IFSA Ukrainian chapter «Dragon’s Gate», Kiev
  • Teacher at the Institute of Daoist Management and Consulting, Taiwan (DAOMAC)
  • Member of the Association of Sinologists, Ukraine
  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Interior designer
  • Gallery
  • IFSA

Presentation Effect of the 5 Elements on Health. International Feng Shui Convention 18.11.2017
Interview The Chinese Life Sciences nowadays
Paper The usage translation of the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic in the modern Medicine
Presentation Vitality Nourishment Formulae in Chinese Life Sciences
Advanced course Bazi & Health
Alchemy Tour. Daoist practices and Daoyin qigong, Taiwan
On-line Sun-Moon Chinese Calendar
Article Fire Rooster year: climate, health and food





+38 099 069 81 80

Ukraine, Kyiv

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