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Alchemy Tour

We invite you to meet authentic Daoist traditions, carefully preserved in Taiwan over centuries: practices and exercises that provide longevity and clarity of mind, healing herbal compositions of secret recipes, non-touristic temples and rituals of lively traditions. Come to a meeting with the guardians of an ancient knowledge. Enjoy the Tropical air, its embracing moisture and Taiwanese High Mountains tea.
Present yourself a concentrated experience in form of Alchemy, which can bring you into a new orbit in your life!

Key Facts

We want to make authentic Daoist traditions accessible to you.






€1800 for 7 days

We will organize
accommodation in a good hostel.
If you need a specific kind of
comfort, we will advise you
suitable hotels.
If you decide to live in the distance
from an organized collection point,
you can use
and inexpensive taxi.
The main program (I) +
Dinner on arrival (31.10),
Dinner on the last day (7.11),
Training materials and
Healing compositions.
Not included in this price:
Flight to Taipei, visa,
Accommodation, activities II, III.

We organize three-stage program.

The first 7 days are for beginners.

Special events and meetings with masters.

The third part is open to alumni of our Fa-Qimen courses.

I. Basic 
1-7 November 2018: seven days retreat (1800 € / 1100 €)
Teachings and meditations guided by the master Dr. Alejandro Penataro

  • The 5 animals daoyin arts of the Huatuo lineage it is a health and rejuvenation practice of 84 exercises, on the basis of the Daoist inner alchemy practices. 2 hours per day.
  • Daoist Meditations. Stillness Qigong, energy practices and exercises for the extension of perception. 2 hours per day.
  • Outer alchemy — usage of unique recipe of outer Taoist alchemy; it clears the body channels and spirit. It fills up the bod     y energy resources. 2 hours per day.
  • Visit the class with Grand Master of the Huatuo lineage Wang Shi Fu. As the head of the federation for kungfu, taijiquan and daoin qigong, he is practitioner more than 55 years. We will make the 5 Animals Play in a large group among local practitioners, disciples of Master Wang.

Price for new friends 1800 €. For repeaters 1100 €.


  • First day welcome dinner (31.10)
  • Last day of the program dinner (7.11)
  • 180 gram of the expensive outer alchemy essence
  • Video guide for each exercise of the complex of 5 animals performed by the head master of the Huatomen line + book and poster with photos and names of 84 positions
II. Universal

  Any members of our groups are invited

A. November 8, 2018: the eighth day — a meeting with grand masters (+ 350 €)
  •  Grand Master Li Gong Ming, head of Maoshan lineage. Meetings with him are always a gift and surprise even for us. He is unique and spontaneously reacts to the group and shares the most valuable that suits the situation.
B. November 9, 2018: a trip to the Temple of the Golden Mountain (+ 350/310 €)

Private Bus Exursion at 11:00.

  • We will take part in a powerful Taoist ceremony to attract wealth abundance, protection and development.
  • After the ceremony, visit the ocean port where we will enjoy fresh exotic seafood.

The entire program with transfer and delicacies: 350 €, 310 € for vegetarians.

Go back to Taipei to 18:00.

C. November 10, 2017: Maoshan Annual Blessing Ceremony (+ 300 €)
At November 10 will take place Maoshan Annual Blessing Ceremony. This exclusive event is only for members of the lineage. As an exception, any members of our group are invited to take part in this ceremony and meal with all Maoshan members this year.

  • 7:00 — high-speed train to Taichung. The name of the city means «Central Taiwan».
  • 8:00 — bus to the temple.
  • 9:00 — blessing ceremony in the presence of representatives of this line from all around the world.
  • 12:00 — lunch with members of the Maoshan lineage.
    15:00 — train back to Taipei.

The whole program with transfers and lunch: 300 €.

III. Advanced 
12-14 November 2017: in-depth study (1100 € / 900 €)
These events are aimed at the alumni of our Fa-Qimen programs (Fujou).
November 11. Free day.

  • November 12. Theory and practice of the internal forms Five Animals Play. Teachings guided by the master Dr. Alejandro Penataro
  • November 13-14. Advanced Fa-Qimen and the Fa-Qi with Master Li.

The price is 1100 €. The cost of the course includes a set of Fa-Qi instruments for create fujou.

Course without Fa-Qi is 900 €

I. Basic

II. Universal

III. Advanced

Course for beginners

Events and meetings with masters

Classes for graduates practitioners




Seven-day retreat

Meeting with masters

Welcome dinner first and last day

For repeaters 1100 €

Meetings with grand masters

Golden Mountain Temple

Maoshan lineage Annual Blessing

For vegetarians 810€


Internal forms Five Animals Play

Two days of study with Grand Master Li

Without Fa-Qi 900 €


Additional charges:
  • Accommodation in the recommended hostel or hotel. The hotel is 50-100 euros per night, the hostel is cheaper. Just must to warn you, in Taiwan, cheap hotel rooms are often without windows. Hostels and guest-houses are a good choice. You can also rent an apartment. We will guide you and help you.
  • Visa and flight. We are ready to advise you where and how best to get it. We are not a tour operator, so we can not take this job on ourselves. But we’ll be in touch. The visa can cost about 280-300 euros for residents of Ukraine or about 120-150 euros for citizens of the former socialist camp, if you have the citizenship of the European Union, the United States, Canada etc., visa may not be needed. Visa policy map. Flight to both sides from Europe is 800-1000 euros.
  • Mobile connection. At the airport you can buy a local sim card. We will meet you and help you, if this is preferable for you. Roaming also works, but a local number with the Internet may be cheaper.
  • Meals outside organized trips. Maximal estimation per day for food expenses 30-50 €.
  • Taxi, metro. Prices the same as in Europe. If you decide to settle away from an meeting place, take this into account.
  • Souvenirs — depends on your imagination.

Register, to be informed of new details.

What is Taoist alchemy?

Why travel to Taiwan?

Alchemy is not clear name. This word is used to denote health-improving methods,
honed by centuries in the circles of Daoist naturalists. There are practices of longevity and medicinal compositions.
Taiwan has preserved the traditional culture and authentic lines of continuity of China in the most complete form.
We have a close relationship with some of these traditions.
In Taiwan, you are not only learn the exercises,
but also permeate the spirit of freedom and longevity,
passed on by the masters of tradition from generation to generation.

Our Team

Masters and experienced practitioners — we will be with you in this adventure.
Dr. Alejandro Penataro
Director of the Daomac® Institute, Taipei
Doctor of philosophical science
Master of Daoin Arts Huatuo lineage
Master of Maoshan Daoist line
Your teacher in this trip
Dr. med. Victoria Hilinich
Founder of the Dragon’s Gate School, Ukraine
Master of Feng Shui IFSA, Singapore
Magister of medicine
Teacher at the Daomac® Institute, Kiev
Your organizer
Alexey Skoblikov
Magister of technical science
Teacher at the Daomac® Institute, St.Petersburg
Your translator

Daoin — Activate the Self-healing powers

Huatuo is the most famous physician in the history of Chinese medicine. After having collected several approaches and traditions studying the natural way of preserving health and nourishing life, he combined them with his medical knowledge. So he achieved a longevity formula in form of a practice of body exercises that increases the perception of the own energetic body. This sequence of movements he compiled is transmitted in the living line of succession «The Five Animals Daoyin Arts of Huatuo». We will have the opportunity to meet and practice with the master of the 79th generation of this line. You will study this practice with the master of the 80th generation Dr. Alejandro Penataro, one of the first Europeans received the title of master of the tradition of Huatuo.

Alchemical Secrets

The pearl of Chinese medicine is the so-called Outer Daoist Alchemy. This refers to secret compositions made, in most cases, on the base of traditional herbal recipes with the help of special treatment that boost up their effects. Their purpose is to launch in the body and in the personal energetic resources the processes of recovery and rejuvenation. They achieve the elimination of the blocks accumulated in the body so it can be accompanied by the release of emotional stress. Optimal tool to recover from burnt out phases.

You will carefully pass through the experience of liberation in a relaxed meditative state.

Authentic Daoist Heritage

The Daoist traditions and Chinese medicine have undergone difficult times in Mainland China, during the Cultural Revolution. The most fully authentic traditions are preserved in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, whereas Taiwan has had the leading role in the conservation the greatness of Chinese civilisation’s cultural achievements.

Taiwan was the place where the cultural, scientific and political elites left during the Civil War. Today, Taiwan is, perhaps, the main place where you can get in touch with genuine ancient traditions, still meaningful and with a lively spirit.


Organizational moments







In the Ukrainian travel agencies sign the visa for 14 days. We are not a tour operator, we can not take the process on ourselves. We will provide you with the necessary documentary and information support and advise the simplest and most reliable way of obtaining a visa

Visa policy of Taiwan



We will monitor the prices for flights. In the event of the appearance of shares, we will promptly inform you and offer you to buy promotional tickets. Register and we will be in touch.

We will inform you about the prepayment personally after registration. If your plans changing before a certain date, we will refund your prepayment. After the date of active start of bookings in Taiwan, we will wait for you on the spot. If you can not join, then there is an opportunity to receive our other services for an unused amount.


Excellent dinners + hot jazz in Taiwanese … A special visit to Master Li. Everyone received a powerful message for themselves. Hard to describe. There you just have to BE … 5 days of powerful practices and 5 amazing evenings with delicious food and, of course, the most beautiful company … We visited the Taoist temples. Attended Master Alfred — a connoisseur of Chinese science and a scientist … Absolutely incredible — Golden Mountain … This is a special place of power, from which breathtaking … All efforts are worth it to get here. On the way back we stopped at the port and got to the market of the freshest, huge seafood, the amount and variety of which are just off scale. We had lunch there in the restaurant …
Impressions of the trip are more than can show any feedback. We brought with us something new and fresh. Came back as we never was before.
We want more. More and more …
Julia Feshchuk. Kiev, Ukraine
I was in the one of the first, more like experimental, group that visited Taiwan. This has become for me huge geographical discovery of the place I have never been before and enormous spiritual discovery of massive layer of knowledge about human being, firstly about myself. Alejandro was showing us real Taiwan, that is hardly seen by tourists, all teaching was in the way of friendly discussion, and results of obtained knowledge could have been tested right away out in the street.  5 animals exercies under rain, stunning temples where every single spot is full of ancient knowledge, meeting great masters, Chinese dumplings with crazy fillings… All this and many other things got melted into giant piece of experience that transformed me and allowed to know myself much better.
Igor Krykun. Kiev, Ukraine
I want to thank from the bottom of my heart to the organizers of this course, Master Alejandro Penataro and Victoria Hilinich, for the knowledge that we have gained thanks to this course, the knowledge that you shared with us, for the acquaintances that we, thanks to this course, For friendship, for new friends, for new opportunities and insights, for the opportunity to meet with masters, master Li and master Wang, as well as for a lot of different impressions, sometimes (lying, almost always :-)) breathtaking. And also I want to thank for the warm and friendly atmosphere in our company, and for the company itself, for the wisdom, fun, good mood, understanding, for intelligent and interesting conversations between us. I hope we’ll see each other again, the Earth is round. See you!
And also, at last, I want to thank my fate, which brought me together with master Alejandro Penataro!
Zhanna Vasilyeva. Duisburg, Germany

Photo report 2016



Alchemical tour. 1-14 November 2018. Taiwan
Write to us and we will contact you for further details

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