Advanced Course Bazi and Health

Углубленный курс Бацзы Advanced Course Bazi Advanced Course «Bazi & Health»

for Bazi Practitioners and Medicians

Victoria Hilinich

Master by International Feng Shui Association, Singapore (IFSA).
Doctor of Medicine.

3 day seminar


  • The 5 elements in the primary sources of Chinese medicine.
  • The 12 meridians and the 5 elements.
  • Special combinations in the date of birth, indicating a person’s predisposition to disease.
  • The algorithm of treatment in Chinese medicine.
  • Disease Prophylaxis. Preventive ways to maintain identity by Bazi.
  • Methods of treatment and diagnosis by 5 elements and Bazi for the individual.
  • Types of vacation and travel to recuperate.
  • Diet by the 5 elements.
  • Lifestyle according to Bazi.
  • Symbolic Stars, the impact on health.
  • Emptiness in Bazi and its impact on health.
  • The conductivity of the person and its health by 12 stages in Bazi.
  • Sports and exercise choice according to Bazi.
  • Vitality Nourishment. Additional methods of preserving youth and health.
  • Emotions and 5 elements. Finding the balance on the Bazi.
  • Correspondence tables of systems of the body according to the 5 elements.
  • The empirical findings from a collection of more than 300 clinical cases.
  • Beauty and Bazi.
  • The choice of the date of surgery for Bazi.
  • Prognosis of recovery, restoration, life and death in case of illness on the Bazi.

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