Fire Rooster year: climate, health and food

At Fire Rooster years: climate, health and food

Large IntestineIn the first half of the year yang brilliance, metal dominates.

Manifestations of (deceases) Large Intestine channel occur.

Dryness rules the year. Wood rules wind and it controls dampness. Because the wood is weak, hence in the first half of year the transformation, generation and sprouting of the living beings is affected by the qi of dryness. Ding Mao and Ding You are years of a weak wood period. Yang brilliance [qi, i.e.,] dryness and coolness of Earth Branch metal, controls heaven and minor yin [qi, i.e.,] ruler Heavenly Stem fire. In spring it is not warm when it should be warm; the climate is disproportionately cool and dry.



In the mПечениiddle of the year: absolute yin, wood dominates.

Manifestations of (deceases) Liver channel.

The transformation and generation of the myriad beings is affected by the qi of wind.





In the second half of the year: minor yin, fire Heartdominates.

Manifestations of (deceases) Heart channel.

Minor yin rules heat.





Coolness and heat rules by transformations; domination and revenge are identical [in this year]. Speaking in terms of the five elements, the qi of wood is inadequate, so metal (i.e., coolness) comes, but fire qi will arrive to take revenge.

At the same days (fire rabbit and fire roster this year) of evil qi transformation catastrophes occur in the East.

1446545466810In the first half of the year requires bitter [flavor] and slight warmth, (Because fire is able to dominate metal)
In the middle of the year requires acrid [flavor] and harmonious [nature], (The climate is not warm when it should be warm and the liver qi is inadequate. Hence in treating illnesses and regulating [the organism] through food and drink, it is appropriate to employ drugs or food with an acrid flavor and with a comparatively warm and harmonious nature. The reason is that “the liver [qi] wishes to disperse. Hence one quickly consumes acrid flavor to disperse it”.)
In the second half of the year requires salty [flavor] and cold. (Because in the second half of the year minor yin ruler fire, the climate is disproportionately hot. Hence it is advisable to employ drugs or food of a salty flavor and cold nature when treating illnesses or regulating through food and drink.)

From Fang Yaozhong Classic by M-r Victoria Hilinich

Seminar: Advanced Formulas of Wellbeing with Five Elements by Master Victoria Hilinich (3 days) Turkey, Istanbul

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