The Chinese Life Sciences nowadays


«The Chinese Life Sciences nowadays»

Victoria Hilinich

Master by International Feng Shui Association, Singapore (IFSA).
Member of the Association of Sinologists, Ukraine.
Magister of Medicine.

— Tell us about the distinction of concepts, what is Bazi, Feng Shui, Qimen Dunjia, Daoist practices and what is the use?


— To describe these, we can make such a comparison. There are the auxiliary tools for to help a human. For example, each of us has some sort of «blue dream», it arises in our mind, thus we start an endeavour to advance towards our aim. This occurs after we have realized that we are separated from the world. If we do not like our life, we want to change something. After this, we are entering into a kind of negotiation with the daily life. In the process of construction of our goals, we must firstly answer a few questions that the Chinese have learned to do well.

The first question «Who are you»? Indeed, if you are going to come to the meeting with new people, they will ask you: «who are you»? To answer this question, there is Bazi. It is a tool, that allows you to understand yourself, to see trends in your life and make an overview from the outside. The original goal of this tool is to liberate person from the illusions, fears, bigotry in order to clarify what it depends on you personally and, on the other side, what you can’t change. Hence, since we have been born, we are already have our own anatomy, many another fixed conditions, which obviously does not depends only on our choice. Then you need to understand, who are a surrounding people. By the reason, that you’re inevitably going to interact with them in your movement to the goal. And the third question «what’s going on and what is the situation in which I am»?

In other words, these are the consideration of  how you are constructed and others are designed, how they can respond to you and perspectives together with them, and at what level, and stage you are, what possibilities is available to fulfill this dream.

How to fulfill the dream? The science called Qimen Dunjia (QMDJ) finds a solution to this issue. And it is related to two things: first a strategy to build, second choice of tactics. I consider Qimen Dunjia as one of the most effective methods for building strategies in today’s society.

But first, what is the strategy? Strategy it is a set of measures aimed on the realization of the goal. To get what you want, finally.

Chinese Life Sciences have advantage. It is the accuracy of the transfer of materials and careful storage of information at the passage of the past 2000 years. But, in the mid-20th century, at China, as a result of the communist revolution and the language reform, all Chinese Classic texts had become unreadable. Now, modern Chinese are not even able to read them in the origin, any translation into simplified Chinese have been cut and paraphrased. In my search for primary sources, which are stored and transferred with the exact preservation of content in Chinese, they’ve found mostly in Taiwan and some countries outside of China. Taiwan has preserved a tradition of spell of knowledge, brought from Mainland China, from 20 to 80 generations ago, depending on the schools.

Bazi is based on the principle that there is no absolute good and bad, everything has two sides, and in any situation you can find some of the positive and negative. The most important thing to understand both all together, then you will find a middle path, and this way will bring you a true balance,  the state from which you can move anywhere you would like and stop being a victim of circumstances and your illusions, as possible.


— If it is pure mathematics, there may be an error?


Bazi settlement system is not so difficult as some modern forecasting methods, those are emerging from the equations with a variety of material factors and trends. But, Bazi contains the an unknown quantity, which is not in modern science, it is impossible to weigh and feel, therefore not yet provable in modern physics. Furthermore, the time factor in Bazi not linear, it is cyclical. Everything related to the nonmaterial component and the time factor was conditionally called «Heaven«, related with the material component was called «Earth» and component related with the realm of human life and it’s changes was called «Man«. Chinese calendar is more than 4 thousand years years old, but still reflects the time up to the minute. If the calculations are correct, you will get an accurate description. The main idea is similar to the plants: from the seed could grow only what has been put down.

The problem is, as soon as anything materialized, it acquire a rigid form and begins to contact with other people and objects, which also have rigid form. Therefore, you can experience discomfort or suffering inevitably. On the other hand, you can take into consideration how you are constructed by Bazi and apply yourself exactly where you could be most effective, where there will be easiest passage for you to go through. Also, we are receiving the description of the circumstances what may hinder or help you. This becomes obvious at the process of forecast for the health, since we can track the past and the future.

If the machine calculates, or the one who did the calculations confused nothing, there can be no mistakes. The difficulty could be in the interpretation of what you have received.


— But we can interpret the same thing in different ways…


— Yes. One of my wonderful teachers, he is Chinese, never tells people nothing bad. This is a positive perception of reality. Professional knows that you will always observe two sides of the coin. And you know perfectly well, that everything has its positive and negative aspects. And how it is applied to personality, it depends exclusively on the specialist. When the master sees that the person prepared to learn more about himself, master will give more information. If the master sees that the person is not ready, he has not a suitable condition or it is useless to talk to him now, master will say as much, that will help to advance in his current life situation and carry on his life strategy. And it’s delicate psychology. Information about the future is a serious thing. If you give too much information, people simply will not be ready for it, anyway.


— What questions do people ask most often?


— Fear and love, there are two main motivations. Fear of loss the status, the money, to be alone, to fail in business… Most often, I analyze the prospects, what have been already arisen, due to the fact that it is a seed that will grow…

But let’s go back to the strategy. Besides, you have to understand yourself and what you have come contact with, the general trend to happen, you must know what resources you have. Resources they are not only things that we can touch by our hands, it is how much money is available and how much information and how much time for action or preparation. And when the analysis is done, I can say: «there are may not be sufficient investment, there are insufficient powers you have, or are you ready have deadlines for action»? We can evaluate a lot of conditions, it is included in the analysis tool of Chinese Life Sciences.

Time is a very important resource. To help us get the desired at the right place at the right time. Initiation of any process at the specific moment of time will influence its outcome. The time of the start of any our action, by the reason of involvement of Heaven, Earth and Human conditions, that are endlessly in the state of transformation, begins to structure all the outcomes of the future. We can analyze, how the beginning of any action will help us or create obstacles. The advantage of Chinese Life Sciences is the ability to work with time, which has no analogs.

Once we have studied above, we can proceed to choice of tactics. Tactic is the technique which we are fulfilling our goal.  Our tactic depends of our experience and skills, as the abilities to do. The more you know the different tactics, Chinese or not, is better. It is include an understanding your movements on the battlefield, at the time of action, as at Kung Fu or Chess. We can use the Qimen Dunjia method to manage this.

All aforesaid are tools of analysis which the help of our intellect. But when it comes to implementation at practice, then your physique, your will, your speed of changes should match it. Your stamina has to prove your intelligence. Daoist practices is one the ways of self-improvement, for not to lose self-possession in a difficult situation, for example. My teacher on Daoist practices said:»never go to help people, when you feel weak, because you will be easily susceptible to external influences, and you will easily lose your way». So, you should also draw up your body to intellect, the body needs to be easily manageable by you. Therefore, we have again the theme of the choice of «middle path» that we must comply with.

By performing all of the above, we can become minimally exposed to the destiny. If we know, where we are led by destiny, we will be capable to changing adjust to the circumstances in a timely manner.

Historically, Daoism was perceived as a religious movement. But the Daoism, which is associated with Bazi and other tools of Chinese Life Sciences, it is a kind of worldview and perception of the world from the perspective of a free human. One of the founders of Daoism stated the following:«My destiny is in my hand». This is the basic principle of what I mean by Daoism. The desire be free ourselves from any illusions of what is called as fate and destiny. Only the Daoists, in contrast to all (as Confucians in China), believed that they could avoid the fate. And all of these strategic technologies, they are designed for you to become independent.

Thus, you are will be free to make your own choice. And, at the same time, can take into account all the circumstances, including, perhaps, associated with the will of Heaven. Because, there is included a huge topic about respect to a space, nature and ways to manifestation an attention to the environment.

432f22b2-5430-4631-9166-a84b0eabc69bBy the way, Feng Shui, as an informed person understands it, this is one of the tools in his tactics. For example, you came to an important meeting, the host was put you on uncomfortable chair, with your back is under air conditioning, close to the entrance door, how will you behave in this situation? It is not very feng shui, thus you will feel uncomfortable and find yourself in disadvantage condition, so will not get your best to implement what you want at this meeting. This is the research of this place, for evaluation of the effects on you, to adjust it to help you as much as possible. Here the Feng Shui begins nowadays.


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